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The Aarhus Convention at Ten: Interactions and Tensions between Conventional International Law and EU Environmental Law

aarhus-ten-bookThis is to let you know that the edited volume 'The Aarhus Convention at Ten', based on the proceedings of the conference you attended in Amsterdam in June 2008, has recently been published by Europa Law Publishing in Groningen. This is the first book devoted specifically to this important MEA and its implementation. It is a collection of contributions by scholars and practitioners addressing various aspects of the relationship between the provisions of the Convention and the development of EU environmental law. The various contributions to this volume discuss synergies and conflicts across the three ‘pillars’ of the Aarhus Convention and examine the broader legal and institutional implications of these interactions for the development of both EU law and international environmental law.

A flyer announcing the publication of the book and including details for anyone to order it directly from the publisher is attached. ELP are offering a discount of 20% for any direct orders placed with them.

Report from the Commission on the application and effectiveness of the Directive on Strategic Environmental Assessment


Report from the Commission on the application and effectiveness of the EIA Directive


Стандарты участия общественности

Standards rus-1Стандарты участия общественности были разработаны межминистерской рабочейгруппой с участием представителей заинтересованных групп, НПО и внешнихэкспертов в рамках проекта по поручению Федеральной Канцелярии Австрии иФедеральным Министерством сельского и лесного хозяйства, окружающей среды иуправления водными ресурсами Австрии,и были одобрены Советом Министров Австрии 2 июля 2008 г.

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