European ECO Forum trainings on Aarhus Compliance

One of the main activities of the European ECO Forum is to organise trainings for environmental NGOs on the Aarhus Convention's Compliance mechanism. The aim of these trainings is to familiarize participants with the compliance mechanism under the Aarhus Convention and to show how to prepare a communication to the Compliance Commitee. In order to be able to successfully carry out such trainings various documents and presentations have to be prepared in advance. Trainings are conducted by the expert team of the European ECO Forum (Thomas Alge, Andriy Andrusevych and Yves Lador). These trainings are taking place in Geneva back to back to the meetings of the Compliance Committee thus giving training participants to observe the work of the Committee and follow different parts of their deliberations. 

Three training were organised, in 2007, 2008 and 2010. In March 2013 similar training for group of Irish NGOs took place in Geneva. This training was followed up by the event organised by Irish Environmental Network in Dublin, November 2013. 

Further you will find a full set of documents prepared for and used at the European ECO Forum trainings. Apart from documents prepared by the European ECO Forum legal team also official documents are distributed and used at the training.


European ECO Forum training on use of the Aarhus Convention Compliance mechanism
March 16 - 19, 2010, Geneva/Switzerland

Presentations from the training:

1. Session 1 - Compliance Mechanism un the Aarhus Convention: Introduction - Andriy Andrusevych
2. Session 1 - What is the Compliance Mechanism of the Aarhus Convention - Thomas Alge
3. Session 1 - Statistics and procedural steps with regard to the the Compliance Mechanism - Thomas Alge
4. Session 2 - Approaching the Compliance Committee - Thomas Alge
5. Session 2 - Procedural steps in the compliance procedure - Andriy Andrusevych
6. Session 2 - Remedies: What can you ask for? - Andriy Andrusevych 
7. Session 3 - Developing your communication - Thomas Alge
8. Session 5 - Consideration by MOP and Follow-up - Andriy Andrusevych
9. Session 5 - Follow-up on Ukrainian case - Elyzaveta Alekseyeva/EPL-Ukraine


Materials for participants prepared for the training

No. Document
1. Training maretials overview/Перечень документов
2. Agenda/Повестка дня eng rus
3. List of Participants/Список участников
4. Aarhus Convention text/Текст Орхусской Конвенции eng rus
5. Modus Operandi of the Compliance Committee/Правила процедуры Комитета eng n/a
6. Information on Communications from the Public/Информация по обращениям в Комитет eng rus
7. MOP decision on review of compliance/Решение ССК по механизму соблюдения eng rus
8. European ECO Forum ACCC Compliance Work/Работа Европейского ЭКО Форума в сфере соблюдения   eng n/a
9. European ECO Forum ACCC Briefing/Краткое пособие по механизму соблюдения eng n/a
10. European ECO Forum ACCC cases status overview/Дела Комитета, статус eng rus
11. European ECO Forum ACCC cases overview/Дела Комитета, по статьям eng rus
12. European ECO Forum ACCC articles and cases overview/Дела Комитета, обзор eng rus
13. ACCC Case Law 2004-2008/Практика Комитета по соблюдению 2004-2008 eng rus
14. Agenda for the 27th meeting of the Compliance Committee/Повестка дня 27 заседания Комитете eng
15. Communication case 41 Slovakia/Сообщение по делу №41, Словакия eng n/a
16. ACCC findings case 16 Lithuania/Выводы Комитета по делу №16, Литва eng rus
17. ACCC findings case 8 Armenia/Выводы Комитета по делу №8, Армения eng rus
18. MOP decision case 16 Lithuania/Решение ССК, дело №16, Литва eng rus
19. MOP decision Ukraine cautions 2008/Решение ССК по Украине, предупреждение, 2008 eng rus
20. Communications of cases discussed at 27. ACCC meeting/Сообщение, по которым будут проходить слушания на 27 заседании Комитета:
Slovakia/Словакия eng
Armenia/Армения eng
21. Further Communications that will be needed for the training (please print in preferred language)/Сообщения, необходимые для работы в малых группах (выберете одно, в зависимости от вашего выбора рабочего языка):
Case 4 Kazakhstan/Дело №4, Казахстан rus
Case 26 Austria/Дело №26, Австрия eng
European ECO Forum training on use of the Aarhus Convention Compliance mechanism
December 16 to 19,  2008, Geneva/Switzerland
  1. Training agenda
  2. List of participants
  3. List of training materials distributed
  4. Aarhus Convention text in English and Russian
  5. Compliance Committee modus operandi and Decision I/7
  6. Communications from public in English and Russian
  7. European ECO Forum briefing on the Aarhus Convention Compliance (ACC) procedure
  8. European ECO Forum overview of all ACC cases and on pending and expected cases
  9. European ECO Forum overview on Articles concerned in cases
  10. European ECO Forum briefing on its Compliance work
  11. Agenda of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee meeting - example
  12. Report of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee meeting - example
  13. Examples of some communication by NGOs/public - France and Belgium
  14. Examples of recommendations on some cases - Belgium and Turkmenistan
  15. Example of MOP-3 decisions on compliance - Ukraine in English and Russian


European ECO Forum training on Aarhus Convention Compliance mechanism
November 27 to 30, 2007, Geneva/Switzerland

  1. Training agenda
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